(1)  To protect the citizens of Nevada by ensuring that all Dental Board complaints are not selectively dismissed by the pre-selected group of Nevada Dental Society members who have statistically shown preferential treatment towards their own dental society member licensees.

Note: 85% of all Dental Board actions taken were against licensees who were not members of the Nevada Dental Society.

(2)  Implement ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution Program) at the Dental Board as used by other dental boards.

How Does ADR Work?

A mediator will work with you and the dentist to simplify the issues and help you reach a settlement that is agreeable to both the patient and the dentist/hygienist.

The facilitator is a neutral person, not a member of the Dental Board staff or Board committee.  The Dental Board pays for any reasonable costs and expenses of the facilitator.

ADR is much faster than the complaint process.  There is usually less correspondence and documentation involved.

If the ADR process does not result in a negotiated settlement, your complaint may be processed through the normal complaint process.

(3)  Continuing Education of Dental Professionals

(4)  Protect the Due Process Rights of Patients and Licensees